Catch-All Disclaimer

If you have any issues with the Top 100, the author would like to remind you:
These are MY favorites... so fuck you.

Some further notes for the perplexed...

Some good albums were omitted because of any or all of the following arbitrary rules:
no more than one album per band
no greatest hits (Marvin Pontiac is not a "greatest hits", despite the title)
no compilations
live albums were included for no particular reason
it's all in alphabetical order because... just because
the albums I really couldn't live without have are marked with a


If you want to give me shit about not listing The Who, The Stones or Neil Young etc., don't bother.

If you're wondering where the Chuck Berry (or the other good '50's artists) is (are)...
only their greatest hits albums seem to be available at this time.

If you have checked out this list and feel as though you want to recommend a great album,
or if you just want to give me a hard time anyway
you can write to me at