The Show Business Giants - Lets Have A Talk With The Dead

  1. The First Pygmy In Sapce
  2. Mothra Has Taken Tokyo
  3. Sugartown
  4. Vampire Hookers
  5. Ace & Joan
  6. Soundcheck
  7. Anything But Love
  8. I've Got A Crush On Wendy Mesley
  9. Good-Bye, Luftwaffe Girl
  10. She Called Me Pete
  11. Primate Boogie
  12. I've Got Gingivitis
  13. I Can't Get Russell Johnson Off My Mind
  14. I Am The Lickspittle Of The Animal Kingdom
  15. Big In Real Estate
  16. The Other Side Of Mr. Sulu
  17. Fireball X-L5
  18. Wake Up & Roar Bachelor God

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Will There Be Corn?